Veneers and Laminates are a great option

Dental Veneers in Salt Lake CityIsn’t it interesting that happiness is connected directly to smiling? We all want to be happy and the veneers we provide to our patients get us excited here because this option is one of the most exciting and simple treatments for you to have that beautiful smile!

Having veneers is a quick and easy way for you to get to your perfect smile without a lot of hassle, pain, or discomfort at all. You may not be familiar with these so let me just give a little explanation to show you how awesome this option for teeth improvement is. Veneers are thin, customized shells or covers of tooth colored materials. They are specifically designed to be placed right on top of your existing teeth to help enhance your teeth and smile. So there are not a lot of invasive procedures or having to cut into gums, it is simply a cap placed right on top of your teeth to improve your smile and correct any gaps or chipped teeth. These shells are bonded directly to your teeth and are simply a cover to improve your overall appearance and bring you confidence.

What problems do veneers fix?

Veneers can help solve an entire range of issues or problems you may be facing with your teeth and mouth. Here are a few main ones that you might be dealing with right now.

  • Worn Down Teeth – Whether you grind your teeth, or they have just become worn down over time, this would be another common fix.
  • Misaligned Teeth – Some people’s teeth are just not as straight as they’d like them to be. Some are irregular, uneven, and not perfectly shaped.
  • Discolored Teeth – There are many reasons why you may not have that sparkly white shine that you’ve always wanted but if you are wanting to improve the color of your teeth then this is a great reason why you would.
  • Gaps in Your Teeth – If you have gaps in your teeth then this could help fill those and improve the quality of your smile.
  • Chipped Teeth – This is a common one where you may have close friends or family that have got veneers because they chipped a tooth.

How Can Veneers Enhance My Smile?

A lot of our patients love veneers when they have an issue with their teeth because it is a very conservative treatment with a major positive impact on their smile and appearance. Again, the shell placed over your existing teeth is very thin and is shaped perfectly to your tooth so that they feel natural and back to normal function. A very thin layer of your teeth will need to be shaved down, but it is very little just about as thin as the actual veneer.

What result are you looking for?

When considering veneers first ask this question. What do you want from your smile? If you first ask yourself this question, then you can begin down the path to your desired result. Most people want straight and healthy teeth. Talk with the dentist and tell him what you would like to see happen and how you want to feel afterward. Then the doctor will examine your teeth and ensure that veneers are an excellent option for you.

The Process is Simple

The actual procedure is very simple. The dentist will shave a very thin layer of enamel from your teeth so the new veneers can fit exactly to your teeth as if nothing new has been added. Just the smallest amount to ensure the new caps are perfectly fit to your teeth.

The dentist will then match your veneers to your color shape and size that you discuss. The dentist will make sure that each veneer is a perfect fit and feels right before any next step. If something isn’t fitting just right or looks even slightly off, then there will be small adjustments made until it is absolutely perfect.

The veneers will then be bonded to your existing teeth. This will make sure your teeth become strong and feel natural. This is obviously critical to the overall effectiveness and natural function you desire. The veneers will then be cured with a light to ensure the bond is solidified.

This is always a smooth process and doesn’t take much of your time. It’s a simple solution to making sure you achieve that desired smile.

Other Benefits to Veneers

Even though you’ve probably got this by reading this page already but these veneer shells are 100% customized to your teeth-they’re literally a perfect fit to each tooth. Each is individual and sized just right for your teeth. That means it will be almost impossible for anyone to recognize the difference between natural teeth and veneers.

Another awesome benefit is how veneers resist stains that your natural teeth may not be able to keep them even cleaner and better maintained.

Maintaining Your Veneers For The Long Run

This is actually super simple and won’t take much time. You take care of your veneers as you would your normal teeth. You brush them, floss them, and go to the dentist regularly as you normally would. The dentist will have some follow-up visits to ensure the veneers are kept perfect and no problems occur. Even though they may feel great your post check-ups are important as the dentist is trained to examine the veneers in their entirety. From there, you’re now equipped with the most beautiful smile and you can stay happy knowing your teeth are always looking their best. If this sounds like a perfect solution to fix any of the issues discussed then give your Salt Lake City Dentist a call today at (801) 424-3500 and let’s get you smiling all the time!